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Mindfulness for Happier and Healthier Living

Yoga, Mindfulness & Massage Rretreat
12-17th September 2016

Join us for 5 days of beautiful yoga, massage and meditation in the healing and tranquil  setting of Brejo Fundeiro in Central Portugal. 
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When you practice mindfulness, you consciously choose to be in the present moment. This is when we learn to explore the mind body connection and get to check in on how we perceive the world through our feelings, thoughts and our actions.

There are now dozens of studies worldwide which clearly show the physical and psychological health benefits stemming from practising meditation and mindfulness.

What They Have to Say

"I have been interested in Mindfulness for some time so it was great to attend a course which focused on it. I really enjoyed it and gained a great deal. It was facilitated perfectly. I especially liked the practical side which included guided exercises we could use at home and work. It was enjoyable meeting other people in the group and sharing experiences with them with an opportunity to learn together." – H. Lansdown

"Having a very hectic business that requires me to work 7 days a week I decided to take the Resilience and Wellbeing course run by Celine. The course was informative and conducted in a very relaxed but professional manner. The guided meditations helped my busy mind to slow down and let things go. I learnt that it is really important to set aside time each day to just be in that moment rather that rushing around and getting stressed. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has a stressful job / life and also to anyone that is generally interested in meditation and relaxation techniques. Thank you Celine." – P. Easton

"Celine's real talent arises from her understanding that the body and mind are an integral part of the same person - they each affect the other. Using this holistic approach she's offered me massage, reflexology, meditation – and often just talking about ways to help me to clear my mind and deal with difficult thoughts and situations.  She has helped me to gain real insight into myself and my relationships with others, which has made a real difference in helping me to deal with a few tricky situations in life, and coming out the other side stronger and smiling." – I. France