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Latest Courses

Introduction to massage
10-1pm Cost £50
Saturday, 14th July 
Saturday 11th August

Diploma in Sports Massage
VTCT Level 3
enrolments now open
Starts 7/8/9th September 2018
Diploma in Holistic Massage,
Physiology & Pathology
Level 4  MTI
Autumn start:September 8/9th 2018
Spring start: Feb/March 2019
(total of 11 weekends)
Swedish Massage Certificate
Level 3 VTCT
9 days intensive
Indian Head Massage
3 day training
Trigger Point-Stretch
Advanced Day
Friday 22nd June


Yoga, Mindfulness & Massage Rretreat
12-17th September 2016

Join us for 5 days of beautiful yoga, massage and meditation in the healing and tranquil  setting of Brejo Fundeiro in Central Portugal. 
see www.tonicretreats.co.uk for more detail

When you practice mindfulness, you consciously choose to be in the present moment. This is when we learn to explore the mind body connection and get to check in on how we perceive the world through our feelings, thoughts and our actions.

There are now dozens of studies worldwide which clearly show the physical and psychological health benefits stemming from practising meditation and mindfulness.

What They Have to Say

"I have been interested in Mindfulness for some time so it was great to attend a course which focused on it. I really enjoyed it and gained a great deal. It was facilitated perfectly. I especially liked the practical side which included guided exercises we could use at home and work. It was enjoyable meeting other people in the group and sharing experiences with them with an opportunity to learn together." – H. Lansdown

"Having a very hectic business that requires me to work 7 days a week I decided to take the Resilience and Wellbeing course run by Celine. The course was informative and conducted in a very relaxed but professional manner. The guided meditations helped my busy mind to slow down and let things go. I learnt that it is really important to set aside time each day to just be in that moment rather that rushing around and getting stressed. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has a stressful job / life and also to anyone that is generally interested in meditation and relaxation techniques. Thank you Celine." – P. Easton

"Celine's real talent arises from her understanding that the body and mind are an integral part of the same person - they each affect the other. Using this holistic approach she's offered me massage, reflexology, meditation – and often just talking about ways to help me to clear my mind and deal with difficult thoughts and situations.  She has helped me to gain real insight into myself and my relationships with others, which has made a real difference in helping me to deal with a few tricky situations in life, and coming out the other side stronger and smiling." – I. France

detox facial massage photoThis is the ultimate in facial massage. By combining precise stimulation of acu-points of the face and the powerful detoxifying effects of manual lymphatic drainage – you will experience a deeply restorative treatment leaving you with brighter and rejuvenated skin. It can also help reduce sinus congestion and puffiness. This treatment includes massage to the neck and scalp.

Advanced Workshop for Therapists 
Friday 22nd June, 2018
10am - 5pm
Venue: Henley Wellbeing Centre
36 Hart St, Henley on Thames
pregnancy massage photoIf there’s ever a time a woman deserves a massage, it‘s got to be during pregnancy. This nurturing massage is deeply relaxing and supportive at every stage of your pregnancy and will be tailored to your individual needs, e.g. aching low back ache or legs. A detailed consultation is carried out beforehand to ensure complete safety and suitability.

Benefits include: relieving stress on joints, easing pain, and helping with the postural changes associated with the progressing pregnancy. It is effective for relieving stress, sinus congestion, round ligament pain, some types of breathing restrictions, lower back pain and oedema. A relaxed mum-to-be will more than likely have an easier and healthier pregnancy, and perhaps even an easier delivery.

Celine has undertaken extended training in pregnancy massage with Suzanne Yates from Well Mother


What They Have to Say

"Having regular massage with Celine throughout my pregnancy was one of the best decisions I made.  I relished not only the physical benefits (which were many, and obvious), but the dedicated time to focus solely on me and the little being growing inside me. I can't recommend it highly enough." – J. Janson

"I have been visiting Celine at Tonic regularly throughout my pregnancy for massage. The massage that Celine offers has not only been beneficial for general relaxation and wellbeing but has also helped relieve aches and strains, improve digestion and even promote better sleep. Celine always takes the time to check how I'm feeling and assess what I'd like to achieve from each visit. Celine has a very caring nature and ensures I am comfortable throughout every treatment and she is also generous with her knowledge and experience and offers me tips to keep well between visits. I'm already looking forward to my next appointment!" – K. Harris

"I've been pregnant three times and the last time was definitely the hardest - a combination of working and having two other young children to look after. Having regular massage from Celine at Tonic Massage was not just a treat for 'me' but also helped with the various aches and pains that come with carrying an extra person inside you. Celine knew exactly the positions that were comfortable, such as lying on your side rather than on your back and also some sitting massage positions. I felt I could completely trust her to look after me and my baby for the time I was with her”V. Fisher

"I started to have massages throughout my pregnancy from four months. I went every week and longed for my appointment almost as soon as the last one had finished!! I had a terrible back and sciatica throughout my previous two pregnancies. Having Celine massage me really kept me going; my back was fine and I had no sciatica throughout this pregnancy. I felt very connected to Celine throughout my pregnancy; she just knew exactly where I was aching and sore. My baby also loved the appointments; he would turn and roll throughout my massage and I felt it was such a relaxing experience for both of us!" – Sara Browett (Mum of three!)
manual lymphatic drainage photoVodder Method (Basic/Therapy1)
This is a very gentle and effective style of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system. It is a rhythmical and deeply relaxing therapy, where the skin is methodically stretched towards the direction of lymphatic flow with a gentle pumping action and helps to minimise fluid retention and oedema while supporting the immune system and cellular detoxification.

This therapy helps clear the blockages; eliminates excess fluid, metabolic wastes and toxins from the body, transport nutrients to cells and increase metabolic efficiency. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps relieve stress and tension.
thai yoga massage photoGain a professional diploma in Thai yoga massage with us in 2018

Thai massage is received through light clothing and uses acupressure and the dynamic stretching techniques of Thai yoga massage to free up sluggish energy and tired aching muscles.

The benefits of Thai massage?

Thai massage can bring about a sense of calmness and feeling centred. Clients often comment on an increase in their energy. The treatment also can provide relief for pain and muscular tension, leading to greater flexibility, circulation and mental clarity

It is also considered an excellent therapy to prevent illness by balancing the energetic system which is often pushed out of line through stress and emotional upset.

Diploma Training Course dates for 2018 TBC (over 12 days) + 1 day review
£900 - deposit £300 to secure a place
Venue: 36 Hart St, Henley RG92AU
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for full course details

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