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reflexology photoThis treatment is now considered one of the most popular forms of complementary therapy and is proving to be effective for many health conditions; hayfever, sinusitis, migraine, digestive disorders, sports injuries and many stress related problems.

Generally the treatment involves stimulation of specific pressure points found on the soles of the feet but it can also be carried out on the hands.

By systematically working these points and nerve endings, the therapist can help to disperse any blockages in energy and assist the body to eliminate waste and toxins. It improves blood circulation, the lymphatic system and to regulate homeostasis.

Whilst the treatment is deeply relaxing, it can leave you feeling more centred and with a renewed vitality. Healing responses following reflexology are possible and these will always be explained by the therapist prior to commencing the session.

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Reflexology antenatal care

Reflexology is highly regarded by many GP’s and midwives as an effective and supportive therapy during Pregnancy. It can ease a range of discomforts often experienced by women during their pregnancy. Women may find it beneficial in the following ways:

  •  Improves general circulation and easing aches and pains.
  •  Helps regulation of hormones
  •  Better sleep and reduced feelings of stress and anxiety.
  •  Helps to regulate blood pressure.
  •  Increased vitality and wellbeing.
Trials and case studies have found that for many women receiving regular treatments during pregnancy tend to deliver closer to term and have shorter labours.

Reflexology - postnatal

After the birth, it is a joyful and exhausting period. The body starts to recover and by receiving reflexology it can greatly benefit mothers by:

  •  Helping restore the body to it’s former state and balancing the hormonal system.
  •  Reduces anxiety and tension and increasing self esteem.
  •  Easing soreness and speeds up healing process.
  •  Balancing, harmonising and restorative at this demanding time.

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